James Davison crashes during Fast Friday practice

The Australian driver was able to get out of the car under his own power.  He was transported to the infield care center and cleared by doctors.

“I banged my knee up a bit,” said Davison.  “Limping immediately and once I got in the safety truck, it started really hurting for 5-10 minutes.  It’s calmed down now.”

The No. 33 Chevrolet spun exiting turn two and hit the wall hard.  The A.J. Foyt with Byrd/Hollinger/Belardi entry suffered heavy damage.

“I thought I had the car underneath me until I was backwards into turn turn,”  Davison said.  “I  had no warning sign whatsoever.  It was definitely a new experience for me.  Usually, you get some kind of warning sign and that time, zero.  I think we got too much front grip and lost it at the end.”

It’s the first major accident of the month.  Dreyer and Reinbold’s JR Hildebrand brushed the wall during Thursday’s practice.

Drivers are running in qualifying trim during Fast Friday practice to prepare for qualifying this weekend.

The field of 33 will be set Saturday on Bump Day with the starting order determined Sunday on Pole Day.  With 35 entrants this year, two drivers will be left out of the race.

“I hope the damage isn’t too bad that will cost us tomorrow.”  said Davison.  “I think we’re quick enough to make it in.”

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