Indiana contractors find 7 kittens inside crawl space

ROSSVILLE, Ind. –  On what they thought was just going to be a typical work day, two Rossville contractors found a sweet surprise…seven kittens.

Nolan Beery, Acculevel’s sales director, told us he went to a home that was being remodeled on Thursday morning along with a colleague.

After meeting with the homeowner, who wasn’t living there at the time, they went to the crawl space to inspect foundation.

A rusted door greeted them at the bottom of the home, but they knew the space possibly had some furry friends inside by the wafting cat smells.

“We were looking around and noticed insulation was being used as a cat scratcher,” Beery said.

It’s not unusual for an adult cat to nest up in a crawl space, but it was the first time they saw kittens.

“We heard some insulation move, so we shined our flashlights around and saw a couple furry heads move,” Beery said.

Beery says they picked up seven young kittens and put them in the box. The homeowner who was having her house remodeled had no idea of the little kittens living below.

Beery and his co-worker sent an email to the entire company announcing the awesome discovery.

When they returned, employees already put out cat food and milk for the kittens.

All seven kittens were adopted by employees of Acculevel. At this time, they are nameless but are in happy homes.

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