Indiana woman finds binder full of sensitive organ donor information

FORTVILLE, Ind. - A woman searching for treasures in the trash found personal and sensitive information about Hoosier organ donors.

She called CBS4 for help to track down the owner and find out how this could happen.

"Sometimes you can find furniture and things like that on the side of the road with the vintage craze. It’s real nice to pick up something inexpensive and flip it," said the woman, who doesn't want to be identified.

When she started looking through one pile of trash, she came across something completely unexpected. She found a binder belonging to a former employee of the Indiana Donor Network. The binder was full of sensitive and confidential donor information.

"It had a lot of papers that had peoples social security numbers and birth dates and a lot of peoples personal confidential information in it," the woman explained, "I just felt very strong that if it were my family member, especially in the event of a sudden death, certainly wouldn’t want information floating around someplace especially on the side of the street."

The Indiana Donor Network said they've never had a situation like this before. A spokesperson said the employee hasn't worked there in nearly a decade. Per policy, when an employee leaves, they're required to turn in any and all documentation. In this case, that didn't happen.

Employees with the donor network are picking up the binder and will determine if further action is needed. They plan to investigate the contents of the binder to see if any personal information was compromised.

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