Thousands gather for candlelight vigil for fallen officers

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Thousands gathered in our nation’s capitol Sunday night to honor the sacrifice of fallen heroes for the 30th annual National Law enforcement Officers Candlelight Vigil. Among those honored was Southport Police Lieutenant Aaron Allan.

During the ceremony the Southport Police department received a nod from the Chairman of the National Law Enforcement Memorial fund. John Ashcroft mentioned the department by name as he addressed a pattern of officers who were killed as the result of an ambush, or while they were trying to help someone. Allan was killed in 2017 after responding to a car crash.

Southport police chief Tom Vaughn called that moment evidence of the impact Lieutenant Allan’s death had on the community and the country.

“I think it says a lot about Aaron, and what he meant. Not only to the community, but to the state. Like you said it made it all the way out to Washington D.C. that’s a pretty big honor,” Vaughn said.

Allan’s name was one of hundreds read off during the roll call. Vaughn described hearing Allan’s name called as a wave of emotion.

“You have the highs and the lows especially when you hear your officer or your friend name like that it really hits you hard and kind of brings a lot of that back of what we went through that first week when we lost Aaron. So yeah, it has been very emotional,” he said.

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