Monday to bring record heat to central Indiana

Many of us will warm into the 70s by the 7 a.m. hour.  Expect 80s by lunch and it’ll get even warmer from there!

The heat will pump into central Indiana on Monday.  There should be no problem meeting that 88° record that’s stood since 1881 and a good chance we hit the 90-degree mark before the day is over.

That is way above average!  We consider our “normal” high to be in the low 70s!

A reminder to drink plenty of water today as our bodies are not yet conditioned to this heat.  It’s been eight months since we last hit 90.  Take lots of breaks!

We’ll be as warm as Phoenix, Charlotte, and Birmingham on this Monday.  We’ll even have ten degrees on Orlando.

The UV Index is also very high so protect your skin with sunscreen or use a cap to shade your face.

The dew point tells us how much moisture is in the air and above 60 we start to feel muggy so expect a fairly oppressive, summer-like heat today.

Most of us won’t get storms today but a few storms are possible.  Some of them could produce strong wind gusts.

There will be at least 2″ of rain areawide but it’ll fall in the form of occasional storms.  There are rain chances each day this week but do not expect a washout!  A few storms in central Indiana each day will just mean you’ll see a few storms in your town over the course of the week.  Far more dry hours are expected than rainy ones.  

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