Honor Guard competitions help celebrate law enforcement during National Police Week

WASHINGTON D.C. --National Police Week is a time to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while in the line of duty, but event organizers say it’s also a time to celebrate those who wear the badge. Monday was such a day.

More than a dozen Honor Guard and pipe bands competed throughout the day.

The teams were judged in a variety of categories including appearance and execution. The smallest of details of each team were critiqued including the length of their pants and the neatness of their uniforms. Spectators say the event gives them a chance to break up the strong emotions that surround the week.

“If you’ve never witnessed it, it’s just amazing what these guys can do. They’re so precise in everything they do, it’s just amazing to watch,” Glen Boyster said.

Organizers say the moments of competition and fun help to remind people of the week’s true meaning which is honoring those that wear the badge.

“This is the best that law enforcement has to offer, and at a time where maybe there’s a negative connotation with law enforcement, this is really about how we represent our communities and the best that we have to offer,” Ken Roske said.

Around the same time as the Honor Guard Competition other honor guard and pipe teams were working to honor the fallen at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Roske says both displays serve the same purpose for the thousands that visit during National Police Week.

“The entire week is about the celebration of law enforcement,” he said.

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