Heat and humidity with a chance for thunderstorms

Hope you are getting used to the heat and now the humidity.  It is going to be around for at least the next week and possibly through the end of May.

If you think it is warmer than usual, you are correct.  Today is the 13th consecutive day above normal.  Indianapolis tied the record high temperature today - 88°.  And it is the 8th warmest start to May since 1871.

Overnight temperatures only drop to the middle to upper 60°s in central Indiana.  We should warm quickly through the day Monday, reaching 80° around 11am in Indianapolis.

High temperatures should top out in the mid-80°s to low-90°s Monday afternoon.

Forecast high temperatures Monday afternoon.

If Indianapolis reaches 90° it will be the first 90° day in over 7.5 months.  The last time Indy reached 90° was September 26, 2017.

This will definitely be an early 90° day for Indianapolis.  The normal first occurrence of 90° happens June 14.


We tied the record high temperature for Indianapolis today.  We look set a new record high temperature for Monday.  The current record high is 88°.


Thunderstorms will be possible nearly every day this week as a stalled out front lays over central Indiana.  Sunday night, it stretches from near Richmond to near Covington.

Stalled front will bring daily chances for showers and thunderstorms next several days.

Along and north of the front is the area thunderstorms will traverse over the coming days.  It begins this evening as a complex of thunderstorms moves out of north-central Illinois in to north-central Indiana.  This complex may bring hail up to 1" in diameter and winds up to 55 mph as it moves east.

Another complex of thunderstorms may pass through north-central Indiana early Monday morning, bringing with it a vivid lightning show, gusty winds and brief downpours.

Late Monday morning through afternoon should remain dry, especially south of a line from Lafayette to Muncie.

The above chart shows the probability of rain in Indianapolis Sunday night through early Tuesday morning.  Note that the probability or rain peaks around 27% at any given time.  So while rain/thunderstorms will be possible in central Indiana, most will likely remain dry.

That will be the case for much of the coming week.  The 7-day forecast has a lot of rain on it, but not everyone will get rain every day.

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