‘Single Mothers by Choice’ celebrate Mother’s Day

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A local fertility doctor admits that more women are choosing to have children, despite their marital status.

Experts say there is a societal shift showing women are more often putting off families for their careers.

“I think as women get older, they just haven’t found Mr. Right yet but still have that strong desire they were created with to be a mother,” Dr. Michael Henry explained.

As women enter into their late 30s and sometimes 40s, they either haven’t found the right person or they’re finding that it’s too late or too risky to have children.

Rachel Wheeler is one of those women. Ten years ago, she chose a sperm donor and had her daughter Sylvia.

“I got tired of waiting for a husband so I decided to do it on my own,” she laughed. “It was 'Plan B,' you know? I moved here when I was 33 or 34 and dating. I knew my biological clock was ticking loudly. Going out on first dates, I was thinking, 'Do I want to have kids with this person?'”

Wheeler remembers it was similar to online dating. She chose from a collection of people, someone sociable and someone that looked like her.

“Because I’m quiet and bookish,” she laughed.

Sylvia, who knows the story, told CBS4 she can’t imagine life any other way. While she would like her single mother to spend more time with her, she said what may be unusual to others is normal for them.

Across town, Christina Nelson recently welcomed baby Claudia to the world. This will be her first Mother’s Day as a mom.

“It just felt really right,” she said.

Nelson tried to get pregnant for years before she decided to use embryo donation.

“I don’t want to rush a relationship into a marriage with the intent of having kids. I figured this is my window so I got to go for it and I’ll date later,” she explained.

Nelson said most people were supportive.

“There is just so many different family makeups these days that it’s kind of neat to see,” she said. “I definitely don’t discount the role of a father. It’s a great role. I just think there can be a father-like figure in everyone’s life.”