Morgan County students gather for Indiana’s first Unified Baseball Tournament

CAMBY, Ind. – Baseball players gathered to mark a monumental day for America’s favorite pastime in Indiana.

Mooresville hosted Monrovia and Martinsville high schools in the first-ever Unified Baseball Tournament in Indiana.

Unified sports are a partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association and Special Olympics of Indiana. They allow athletes with and without special needs to compete together.

“The kids help each other, cheer each other on, doesn`t matter which school system they’re from and that’s just been great to see,” said Susie Hurt, director of special education for Mooresville Schools. “So we’re looking to expand, get other school systems involved, and hoping to get a league in the fall going as well.”

The event took place Thursday at League of Miracles Field in Camby.

“It was the first field of its kind in the state of Indiana and it was built specifically for special needs children,” said Brian Wiser, program director for League of Miracles. “It’s a rubber field so children in wheelchairs can play on it or anyone else.”

Wiser said games use a very soft baseball and plastic bats to reduce the chance of anyone getting hurt.

“They have just had a great time, just seeing kids helping each other and the friendships that develop are just really fantastic,” Hurt said.

“Unified sports allow for friendships to form and really our goal is create a competitive situation where students with disabilities can learn all those things that many of us learn in high school sports,” said Lee Lonzo, director of Champions Together.

Mooresville has had both unified bowling and track and field teams in the past.