Indy Acts of Kindness, spreading positivity one note at a time

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind— Caroline McKinney is on a mission to spread as much kindness as possible throughout the Circle City.

Most days, you can find her at her favorite local coffee shop, armed with markers and stationary.

“I wanted to put something good on the internet, something that would make people smile. I figured I have this stationary, why don’t I write a kind note to a stranger,” she explained.

That was three years ago. Since then, thousands of inspiring notes have been left all over Indianapolis.

Before the letters make it into the hands of a complete stranger, McKinney snaps a photo to share on her Indy Acts of Kindness Instagram page.

“There are people who reach out to us all the time, who say, this is really just want I needed to get the day or I was having a really rough day or I was having a great day and this made it better,” she said.

The messages, and locations may change, but the idea stays the same.

“Everyone can use some kindness, no matter your race, religion, political beliefs, anything like that.”

She says it’s all about reaching out to a stranger, when they least expect it.

“If you have a positive attitude that just changes your day, it changes your whole week, it affects the people around you. While there is so much negativity, there is so much positivity, which we try to highlight,” she said.

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