Silver Alert in effect for missing 8-month-old Indianapolis girl

Mazor X robot helping local mother with back pain

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Amanda Davis knows back pain.

“The disc was completely dead and so I had just bone on bone,” says the mother of two. “That accounted for the ridiculous amount of pain I had been in.  It didn’t matter what I would do, sit, stand, lay down, walk. Everything hurt really really bad.”

Amanda was referred to OrthoIndy Spine Surgeon, Dr. David Schwartz.  He suggested she stabilize the bones, where the disc had been located.  He told her about a new device, a robot, called Mazor X, that could help.

“We able to actually use a robotic system to perfectly put screws into the spine,” says Dr. Schwartz. “We use it for different kinds of spinal surgery. It helps us quite a bit with minimally invasive surgery. But we can use it with fractures, with tumors, anything that requires precision placement of spinal instrumentation in the spine.”

Precision is exactly what was needed in Amanda’s case.  Dr. Schwartz explained that to get the right spot, he needed to enter from the back of her spine.

“We go along side the spinal chord and put it from the back and extend it all the way to the front.  The problem, is the nerves run along here.  We want to make sure we miss all the nerves in the spinal chord.”

The Mazor X uses CT guided images either in the operating room or a cat scan of the spine. The robot is able to incorporate exactly the position where the screws need to be put in. With the surgeon’s input, he is able to do a CAD diagram of the spine and an arm comes up and lines up exactly where the screws need to be placed.

“It knows exactly where the spine is and there is a computer station that we work with in surgery,” says Dr. Schwartz. “The arm will come out and line up exactly where we tell it to be, based on the cat scans.”

Amanda says her recovery was very quick and more importantly, she is out of pain.

“I never thought I’d be out of pain again. And i’m out of that pain.”

For more on back surgery click on the link below.

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