Court docs: Hancock County teen used girlfriend’s Instagram account to warn romantic rival to stay away

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Dyllon Meadows

GREENFIELD, Ind. — A teenager faces charges of intimidation and computer trespass after police say he sent threatening videos of guns to keep another teen away from his girlfriend.

Police arrested Dyllon Meadows, 18, Charlottesville, this week in connection with the case. The investigation started on April 17, when a student approached police about threatening messages he’d received on Instagram.

Someone sent him photos of an AR-15-style rifle, an MP5 machine gun and rounds of ammunition. The messages also included threats against the student’s life and warned that the sender would show up at school, according to court documents.

One video had a rap song that included the lyrics “show up at yo door” and one of the messages said “you don’t want me to show up at your school,” court documents said.

The messages originated from the Instagram account of Meadows’ girlfriend. When police talked to his girlfriend, she didn’t know how he’d accessed her Instagram account in order to send the messages. She also said he didn’t have permission to post from her account.

Meadows later called dispatchers and asked to talk to a detective. He told police he knew they were looking for him and admitted he’d sent the messages and videos, court documents said.

He told investigators he didn’t own an AR-15 but simply wanted the other student “to leave his girlfriend alone.” Meadows said he accessed his girlfriend’s Instagram account by guessing several different passwords until he found the right one.

Meadows was booked into the Hancock County Jail. The prosecutor’s office filed a felony charge of intimidation and a misdemeanor charge of computer trespass against him.

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