Not a washout but few strong storms possible in central Indiana Wednesday

Though it won't rain all day, grab your umbrella this morning and keep it handy.

We are under a Slight Risk for severe storms today.  That means a couple of severe storms are possible but severe impacts will not likely be widespread.

The warmth has been dry and comfortable in the last week, but today moisture will pump in and give us that muggier, summery heat feeling.

It'll also get windier this afternoon.  That'll assist in pumping up the temperatures and moisture levels.

Storms are anticipated today and this evening's round could feature a couple that are strong to severe. Strong wind and some hail are the main threats.  Flooding should be a limited concern with little rain expected.  A tornado cannot be ruled out.

Rain totals are expected to stay below a quarter inch areawide with only a few thunderstorms producing heavy downpours.  The ground is fairly dry so it won't soak up rain very quickly.  Flooding would usually be a concern with that considered but still not expecting a lot of large rain totals to where flooding is concerning me much.

The first line of storms will head our way and weaken as they cross into Indiana.  A few could make their way through our towns this morning so keep the umbrella handy.

We'll have many dry hours today.  We could even see some sunshine but that'll just warm our surface temps, fueling storms later on.

Severe storms are possible after 6 p.m.  Between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., most storms will be south of Indy but by 8 p.m. and beyond, those storms could pop in Indianapolis and north.

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