Messer and Rokita concede after Braun secures GOP nomination for U.S. Senate seat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Shortly after Mike Braun secured the Republican nomination for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat, his challengers made their concession speeches.

Rep. Todd Rokita was the first to take the stage, where he said the night’s results were not what he hoped for but he ended up congratulating Braun on his win.

“The result tonight was different than we had hoped but I will continue to fight for you and this family will continue to fight the people of this great state and that’s family includes each and every one of you,” said Rokita. “I want to congratulate Mike Braun on his victory tonight. I hope he will rise to the occasion and truly fight for this state I know he has it in him.”

The congressman also said that it has been his honor serving the people of the Hoosier State.

“Serving the people of Indiana has always been the highest honor, and it will always be," said Rokita. "Thank you for putting your faith and trust in us, the honor and the responsibility will never be forgotten.”

He added he believes the GOP is headed in a great direction.

“We have that in the White House finally, and this party this Republican Party is for once in a very long time the party of the working man and woman again and I never want to lose that.”

Rep. Luke Messer conceded shortly after Rokita, saying he’s disappointed by the results of the race.

“We’re of course disappointed with the results of this election but as Jennifer was saying to me over the weekend, look, we are very confident that God has great plans ahead for our nation, our state, and the Messer family,” said Messer.

Messer also said it has been an incredible privilege to be given an opportunity to serve Indiana.

“We are incredibly proud of all that’s been done in this state as a conservative movement, all we’ve accomplished through the governors that have served this state and all the people I’ve had an opportunity to be with and play a small part in seeing some tremendous success here in our state 49:04 so that is an amazing blessing,” said Messer.

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