Teenager creates Facebook video urging school to make handicap accessible changes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A frustrated teenager takes to social media, asking her school to make changes.

“I’m like any other kid, but there are some obstacles in the way,” explains Beck Kilmark, a Franklin Township student.

14-year-old Beck Kilmark was born with a rare bone growth disorder.  She depends on her wheelchair to get around, but getting into her school wasn’t the easiest.

She says for as long as she can remember the metal handicap accessible buttons on outside of Franklin Township Middle School East haven’t worked.  The eighth grader got tired of it, so she vented in a Facebook video.

“With being handicapped and then realizing little things that most people wouldn’t think of,” explains Kilmark.

Kilmark’s father told us he’s brought up the issue several times to school officials.

Hours after the video was posted, Beck heard from the principal.  Then the next day, the buttons were fixed and Beck’s family had a conversation about handicap accessibility with school administrators.

“I was glad that it got done but I was kind of upset that it had to get to that level for it to be fixed,” says Erik Kilmark, Beck’s father.

Beck’s video got a lot of online response.  The middle schooler says this was bigger than just about a button, it was to connect with any handicapped person who’s struggled to get around and to show sometimes all it takes is a teenager pushing to make a difference.

“I think what’s really cool is that it’s such a simple change and it helps a lot already,” said Kilmark.

Officials at Franklin Township Middle School East tell CBS4, “We appreciate the Kilmark family making us aware of concerns.  As soon as they notified us, we fixed the concerns.  We appreciate the Kilmark family meeting with school administration today.”

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