Winter Storm Watch for central Indiana from Friday night through Saturday night

Tenants search for belongings following apartment fires

GREENWOOD, Ind. – The rain, Thursday morning, made matters worse for folks who were trying to find their belongings after their apartments caught fire.

Some lost everything. Others, like Brook Lowry, were lucky enough to find a few precious items.

"I’m so glad it’s not more damaged," said Lowry as she looked at her artwork which was wet but still intact.

It's five years’ worth of work she needs to graduate from college. She said it was protected inside a leather case her grandfather made for her.

Most of her other belongings are gone.

"All of our furniture is completely gone," she said. "The thought of never sleeping in my bed again, it like made me tear up and everything."

She's one of dozens of people who lost their homes and belongings in the Meridian Oaks apartment fire, Wednesday. Even more people were put out by an apartment fire at the Waterside at Castleton building overnight.

"I look up and there's flames. There's flames pouring!" said Justice Runion who is now displaced by the fire in Castleton.

People ran out without grabbing anything.

Kris Jenkins and his pregnant wife Megan had just moved their family into the Greenwood apartment four days ago.

"I think everything is lost," he said. "Just pray. Just pray. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers."

For as much as they've lost, they are still thankful for no fatalities.

"Despite the fire, and the rain, and the tragedy, our community has stepped up," said White River Township Fire Jeremy Pell. "Our departments have stepped up to give their very, very best to these people.”

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