Motorcyclists escape serious injury after crash involving IFD truck

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two men escaped serious injury after a motorcycle crash involving an Indianapolis Fire Department vehicle Tuesday night.

According to IFD, the crash happened around 7 p.m. at 75th and Keystone Avenue. The motorcycles were attempting to “draft” with an IFD vehicle on the way to a run when one of the motorcycles rear-ended the fire truck. The second motorcycle ended up crashing into the first bike.

According to the IFD crew, the truck was headed south on Keystone with its lights running. It went through the intersection at 80th and Keystone where a group of four motorcyclists had stopped.

Once the truck went through the intersection, the motorcycles caught up. The bikers said they got too close and couldn’t stop; the first motorcycle hit the rear driver’s side bumper and then veered to the left. The next motorcycle hit the other bike, flipped over and landed on the road.

The rider of the first motorcycle was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in good condition. Family members took the second rider to a hospital as a precaution. Two other motorcyclists riding with the group were unhurt, IFD said.

IFD said the crash serves as a reminder that drivers should stay back at least 500 feet from a fire truck, especially when it’s on an emergency run.