Toasty warm Tuesday with pattern changing later this week

You may want a sweater or jacket through about 9 a.m. as we have some areas dipping into the 40s this morning.  Otherwise, dress for summer!

We'll be in the 70s by lunchtime and continue climbing from there.

If you're spending time outside, seek shade or put on sunscreen because the UV Index is at 7.  

Temps will warm quickly today!  Expect to be  nearing 60 by 9 a.m. and the 70s for lunchtime and most of the afternoon.  Many of us could hit the low 80s for 1-3 hours.

Even though it's warm, we're pretty dry so there is a Red Flag Warning for Tuesday afternoon.  This means conditions (low humidity, warm air, wind) are right for fire to spread so burning is discouraged.

Dew points will start to climb this evening and tomorrow, though.  Even though highs will be really similar today and tomorrow, it'll feel much more muggy Wednesday.  Bottom line: today will feel great, tomorrow a little oppressive.  

TOnight's low is 60!  That means: leave your windows open as long as possible.  Fantastic sleeping weather.  Catch some extra sleep tonight. 

Keep an eye on Thursday's storms.  We could get strong storms with heavy rainfall.  Additional storms expected on Friday.  Weather looks much better for the Indians over the weekend. 


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