Court docs: Man facing deportation threatens woman with knife because of son’s haircut

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Gregory Mitchell

UPDATE (Dec. 19, 2018)– Gregory Mitchell was found not guilty on all charges.

Previous story:

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – Police in Zionsville arrested a man facing deportation after investigators say he threatened to stab a woman last month.

Gregory E. Mitchell, 29, Zionsville, had been drinking heavily and became upset with the woman because she’d taken her son to get a haircut, according to court documents.

The incident happened on April 19. Witnesses called police to report a man was threatening a woman with a knife. Dispatchers received two 911 calls about the incident, according to court documents.

When officers arrived around 10 p.m., they discovered Mitchell had been arguing with the woman for much of the day. He’d been drinking and had finished a bottle of rum before police arrived, according to court documents.

Police said Mitchell “began to ramble on incoherently about a verbal fight earlier in the afternoon” regarding a haircut. His speech “began to get worse and his sentences seemed to make less sense” during the court of the conversation, according to court documents. He said he didn’t remember threatening the woman but did recall calling the car-sharing service Lyft to get a ride because “he needed to get away.”

A witness said Mitchell threatened the woman and repeatedly said he would stab her. He eventually approached her with a 10-inch knife, causing her to scream. A witness heard the commotion and looked through a front window where she saw Mitchell standing in front of the woman with a knife.

Mitchell has a protective order involving the woman and her oldest son that stems from a domestic battery case in 2015, police said. The woman told investigators that Mitchell was on a list to be deported back to Africa.

The woman wouldn’t fill out a voluntary statement form, telling police that her youngest child would “never forgive her” if it led to Mitchell’s deportation. He faces charges of intimidation and invasion of privacy, according to the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) put an immigration detainer on Mitchell. He cannot bond out of jail without being picked up by ICE.

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