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Arrest of Bunker Hill town marshal just part of series of big issues in the small town

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MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – The former Bunker Hill town marshal is facing a series of felony charges after investigators say he gave false police credentials to a friend so he could work a security job in Indianapolis. This is just part of a series of big problems in the small town.

“We do not even have a traffic light,” said current Bunker Hill Town President Rae Ann Panther.

With a population of fewer than 900 people, the tiny town has seen a lot of trouble.

“I want the best for this town,” said Panther.

Now, Panther is on a mission to repair the bad reputation.

“Most of us want it to be a good town. Not a town that is noted for police issues and theft of funds,” said Panther.

The trouble in Bunker Hill started back in 2014, with the arrest of court clerk Carenna Byers. She is accused of stealing $14,000 from the town. Two years later, every single police officer walked off the job saying the town council asked them to do “immoral, illegal, and unethical” acts. Just two weeks ago, the latest town treasurer, Andrea Newnum, walked out. Newnum says she was bullied and harassed by other council members.

“It was an incredible shock to learn all of the charges and people are still reeling,” said Panther.

Now, this week, there was another arrest – former Town Marshall Aaron Dague. State police say he provided false police credentials to a friend and gave the man a Bunker Hill police badge, so he could work as a security guard in Indianapolis.

“What happened, why, I wish we knew answers. That is going to be something he has to answer. Not us,” said Panther.

In the meantime, Panther says it is her job to figure out how to prevent further problems and thefts and that starts at the top.

“I think the majority of our board is still stable and is working for the people,” said Panther.

The new Bunker Hill town marshal is now on duty. The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is still helping to patrol the town.

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