Factory workers claim $50,000 Powerball prize just days before ticket expires

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – They beat the clock—just barely.

Some northern Indiana factory workers claimed a $50,000 Powerball prize, but it almost didn’t happen.

The six employees at Chassix in Bristol have played Powerball together for about five years. The leader of the group, Jorge Dominguez, buys the tickets from the same store every time: the 7-Eleven at 102. W. Vistual St. in Bristol.

His daughter saw news stories this week about an expiring Powerball ticket and knew her father bought his tickets from the store in question. She told him to go back and check his tickets to see if he had a winner.

Dominguez looked through his tickets and found the winner from the Nov. 1, 2017, drawing. All Hoosier Lottery draw game tickets expire 180 days after the drawing. The ticket, had it gone unclaimed, would’ve expired on April 30.

Jorge Dominguez (left) and Tong Saengtavnh (right)

Dominguez said his supervisor didn’t initially believe him when he informed them that the group had a winning ticket. When the supervisor saw the ticket and matched the numbers on the Hoosier Lottery website, he cried with excitement.

Dominguez also had some fun with the news, calling his coworker, Tong Saengtavnh, on the radio and telling him to report to his supervisor immediately. Saengtavnh, who thought he was in trouble, instead learned he and his coworkers had won.

The other winners in the group are Jose Cervantez, Esfir Kolesnitchenko, William Hart and Russell Forbes.

Each member of the group will get $8,333 before taxes. The win couldn’t have come at a better time: the employer is shutting down the factory in a few months. As a result, the workers plan to use their money on practical expenses.

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