DePauw University adding dedicated spaces, anti-bias training after racist threats

GREENCASTLE, Ind. – DePauw University has issued a response to student protests earlier this week amid reports of racist threats found on campus.

Threats found in a restroom and in a park near campus. ; There was also a report of a student “engaging in offensive behavior at the Duck.”

The university’s response comes after students protested during a Jenna Fischer speaking event. Videos from inside the auditorium showed students interrupting Fischer, saying “stop excusing problematic behavior” and “don’t give them protection when they’re attacking us.”

It didn’t stop the following day. On Wednesday, students stormed a press conference hosted by the school’s president.

They chanted, “We are not safe. Meet our demands.” McCoy told students their voices are heard and that they were working on the issues and recognized the need to get answers.

The threats drew the attention of the FBI. The bureau says it has been in contact with the university throughout the investigation.

Thursday, the university issued a response to the community. They focused on 7 steps to improve campus inclusion and safety, including having anti-bias training and dedicated spaces.

A gathering space has been designated for Jewish, Muslim and other religious groups in the Hartman Center.

Click here for the full letter.

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