Roller coaster weather could hurt flowers this weekend

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – This warm weekend is going to make some want to get out and start landscaping, but experts say it won’t hurt to wait since the temperatures will drop again on Sunday.

This year’s wacky weather has put Thomas Lawn & Landscaping behind three weeks on mowing. But that hasn’t stopped the phone calls from potential customers.

“They’re looking at their lawns and landscaping and thinking alright let’s do something,” said owner Chris Thomas.

But don’t let the heat deceive you. The Weather Authority is forecasting a big drop in temperatures next week and those flowers left outside could be damaged.

If you must buy this weekend, Thomas said keep them inside for now. If you decide to plant them anyway, make sure you cover them properly.

Instead, Thomas suggested focusing on spring cleaning this weekend.

“Get into your beds, get all your leaves, weeds, trash and debris out of there,” he said.

And then he said go ahead and put down the pre emergent treatment on your yard to prevent weeds from popping up.

Thomas said he understands the urge to get outside. His employees will start mowing next week. ​But he said it won’t hurt to wait a little longer.

“Definitely newer customers are like ‘Omigosh we need to do this and this and this!’ We definitely want the business, but it’s like okay, it’s not going to go anywhere. It’s going to be okay,” Thomas said.

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