Drivers take disrespectful detour through Brownsburg Cemetery to avoid construction

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Drivers have been taking a disrespectful detour right through a Brownsburg cemetery, all to avoid construction traffic.

“We try to come at least once a week or a couple times a week,” said Joe Rady.

Rady stopped by the Brownsburg Cemetery to wish his late father a happy birthday. While he paid his respects to his mother and his brother-in-law who are also at the cemetery, just off 56th St., he says he watched many drivers use the cemetery as a detour.

“It is kind of disrespectful,” said his wife Marcia Rady.

Some people say drivers are even speeding through the lot and get angry if a mourner parks near the road, blocking off the shortcut.

“It is not a public thoroughfare. They need to drive slow and like she said to try to be respectful to the people that are here,” said Joe Rady.

In just an hour, we caught several drivers on camera who decided to take the cemetery short-cut to avoid the construction. Drivers cannot travel north on SR 267 between Main and 56th St., so they are taking this route.

“You are not in that big of a hurry,” said resident Marcia Rady.

We drove both routes, cutting through the cemetery only shaved about 30-seconds off the drive time.

“You do not need to cut through. They have an arrow here for the turn lane, so you are still going to be able to turn onto 56th St. and go through. It is not going to save you that much time,” said Joe Rady.

The owners of the Brownsburg Cemetery say drivers have used their property as a shortcut for decades, but say the construction off 56th is making it worse.

“Use some sense. I can see why people are frustrated because of the traffic but I would never even think of doing that,” said resident Terri Wilson.

The owners of the cemetery say they are going to reach out to police to see what they can do to stop the issue.

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