1-year-old inside Marion home where intruders fired more than a dozen shots

MARION, Ind. – Police are looking for the intruders who fired more than a dozen shots inside a Marion home. Bullets hit just feet away from children.

“I’m just grateful no one in the house got hurt. There’s a baby in the house,” said Kasey Morrell, a neighbor.

Monday night, around 10:15 a woman told police she was in a downstairs bedroom when two intruders got inside her home. One intruder pointed a gun at her and ordered her to the ground. The woman told police she begged the intruders to let her grab her 1-year-old grandson.

“It’s just a frightening situation to go through,” said Morrell.

In addition to a 1-year-old, there were also four teenagers in the home on North F Street. Police say when an 18-year-old came out of the bathroom, she saw gunmen and then called 911. The woman told police the gunmen started firing when she tried running upstairs to grab her grandson.

“I just heard a bang, bang, bang. (It) sounded liked somebody was driving a nail in the wall,” said Roy Prater, a neighbor.

Family members told police the intruders kept asking for a teenager who lives there. Police have not yet released a motive behind the shooting.

“(There’s) no excuse, no excuse for it at all,” said Morrell.

Kasey Morrell lives less than a block away but her mother lives right next door.

“I just fear for my mom, she’s elderly. I don’t want harm to come to anyone. I don’t know what the situation is or why?” said Morrell.

Witnesses told investigators seconds after the shooting they saw three people take off in a red or orange colored Dodge Challenger. If you know anything that could help detectives, call the Marion Police Department at 765-662-9981.

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