Bit of a mix Monday with warmer temperatures on the horizon

Think back to April 9, 2017.  It was 77°!  That's a huge difference from this year on the same date.  Today's highs will be way below the average when we top off in the upper 40s.  We even have a thin layer of snow on the ground this year.

Snow is already done for everyone south of Indy but downtown and north could see light snow through mid-morning Monday.  Accumulations stay minimal and pavement will be wet at worst.

There will be many dry hours today, but there is an isolated chance for light rain after 3 p.m. No major impacts are expected.

A light breeze is all it took to get AM wind chills to dip into the 20s.

When the wind picks up later this week, take that as a great sign!  The warm wind will bring milder air to central Indiana by Wednesday and even more so through the second half of the week.

By Thursday & Friday, most of our afternoon will be spent in the 60s.  Enjoy that!  Friday night is the next substantial chance for some rain and even storms.

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