IN Focus: Messer on residency issue, support for President

INDIANAPOLIS - Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus to discuss a wide range of issues involving the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, a race that has been called the GOP's "nastiest" primary.

The race has been attracting national attention with the primary now just one month away. A recent article in the New York Times described the race in this fashion:

As the May 8 primary election approaches, the race here has taken a nasty turn, with candidates attacking one another as insufficiently aligned with the president, or way too late to Team Trump. Some Republicans worry that the tenor has the potential to bloody the winner so badly that he will be weakened in the general election contest against Senator Joe Donnelly, one of this election year’s most vulnerable Democrats.

In the video above, Messer blasts opponent Todd Rokita for comments he made in 2016, calling then-candidate Donald Trump "vulgar" days ahead of Super Tuesday.

Rokita has blasted opponent Luke Messer for not supporting Trump early in the 2016 campaign, and for Messer's remarks that year discussing the possibility of a contested convention.

Rokita has been critical of Messer's decision to move his family to Virginia when he was elected to Congress in 2012, as highlighted initially in this report from the Associated Press.

In the video below, Messer again defends his decision to move his family to the DC area so he could spend more time with his wife and children, a move that Rokita's campaign highlighted again this past week when Messer missed a campaign event in Indiana after his flight from DC got delayed.

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