Extra officers watching over 1-year-old Malaysia Robson’s funeral services

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Extra safety precautions will be in place to make sure the community can peacefully say goodbye to Malaysia Robson.

It’s been one week since the 1-year-old girl was shot and killed in an east side home.  The toddler will be laid to rest Thursday.

More than 40 shots were fired at the home on North Wittfield Street in the middle of the night.  Malaysia was sleeping the front room when she was killed. No arrests have been made in the case.

“We are not going to stop. Those responsible, at one point you’re going to see police,” said Deputy Chief Chris Bailey with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Investigators know this home was targeted and said the deadly gunfire was the result of an online dispute.  The possibility of any retaliation is a reason extra security will be surrounding Malaysia’s services.

“There will be plenty of law enforcement personnel on scene tomorrow so anybody that has a single thought of doing something at that funeral should think again,” Bailey said.

There will be uniformed and undercover IMPD and Cumberland police officers on the procession route and at the church.

“It’s sad to say that we live in a dark world and some people are just dark-hearted and we have to make sure we have the precautions in place,” said Dr. James Jackson, senior pastor at New Beginnings Fellowship Church.

Jackson said the memorial for Malaysia will be the toughest in his 14 years.

“The main message for tomorrow  is hope. How do you keep your head up when it looks like hope is just gone?" Jackson said.

Unlike other cases, the community has been cooperative, providing investigators with key information.

“It strikes a chord with people, even some of the most hardcore people on the streets. I think that whatever code is on the streets it doesn’t include children,” Bailey said.

A 1-year-old who didn’t get to see Easter or the first day of school or even the chance to see what her future held.

“That baby could’ve come to cure cancer or something like that. Who knows what that baby would’ve been able to do in life? And that baby was robbed of that opportunity for the negligence of adults,” said CC, a resident.

There is a $6,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the case.

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