Kennedy-King highlighted as Indy’s ‘neighborhood of the month’ for April

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The city of Indianapolis is honoring the Kennedy-King neighborhood as its “Neighborhood of the Month” for April.

Located just north of downtown near Fall Creek and along College Avenue, the unique and quiet community traces its roots back to the 1800s. It includes old and new residents alike, who have access to nearby schools, restaurants and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

While the neighborhood had been around for decades, it didn’t get its name until after April 4, 1968, the day the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, who was in Indianapolis for a campaign stop, delivered a historic speech to deliver the news of King’s death.

He spoke to a crowd of about 2,500 and forged ahead despite warnings about his safety. Kennedy’s speech is credited with maintaining peace in Indianapolis while other cities saw riots.

“April 4th will forever be a day of mourning for this country. Indianapolis is unique, however, in that on a day where an act of hate was the catalyst of accelerated hostility within our nation, Indianapolis came together to mourn, to remember, and to envision a better community for all,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

“One-half century later, I am proud to continue working toward a more equal, more peaceful, and more unified Indianapolis, and hope this anniversary will be a reminder of that vision.”

Several events are planned to commemorate Kennedy’s speech and mark King’s death, including a community conversation involving Kerry Kennedy, RFK’s daughter, and civil rights leader John Lewis on April 4.

City-County Councilor Zach Adamson, whose district includes Kennedy-King, called it a “great place to live.”

“I’m proud to represent such a historic and vibrant neighborhood, and am excited to join their celebrations throughout the month,” Adamson said.

The “Neighborhood of the Month” initiative is designed to highlight a different Indy community each month. Indy residents are urged to post about Kennedy-King on social media using the hashtag #IndyNoM during the month of April. You can nominate your neighborhood here.