IndyGo offers free rides Wednesday, boosted service to Kennedy King commemoration event

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– IndyGo is providing free rides to all on Wednesday, April 4 to honor and recognize the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative’s (KKMI) 50th Anniversary Commemoration.

IndyGo is also boosting transit routes to and from the event this evening, which has been moved inside. It was initially going to be at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, but will now be in the Center of Inquiry School 27, located at 545 East 19th Street. Additional bus services will be available after the 5 p.m. event for routes 5 and 17. Riders can also take routes 2 and 4 to the park.

Ambassadors will be at the transit center to help any new riders to make sure they get on the right bus.

“KKMI appreciates IndyGo’s support and recognition of the 50th Anniversary commemorative event on April 4, 2018 by boosting service and offering free rides,” said Representative Greg Porter, KKMI Board Chair. “By providing a vital service to the community as a transit provider, it will ensure transportation is not a barrier to those who wish to attend this historic event in Indiana history.”

Riders can use Google Maps to plan a trip using the bus icon, or find more information by calling customer service at 317-635-3344, visiting IndyGo’s website or finding an ambassador at the transit center.

Find more information about the commemoration event here.

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