Tyra Buss caps off signature Indiana basketball career

Tyra Buss may not appear to be the most imposing player on the court.

“I’m obviously not the biggest, the tallest, the strongest player out on the floor,” the Indiana University senior guard said.

But she is certainly one of IU’s most impactful.

“Kids come up to me and tell me I’m their favorite player,” Buss admitted. “It really means a lot when parents come up to me and tell me that their little girls or little boys look up to me. As long as you can dream big and work hard anything can happen and that’s always what I tell the younger kids.”

Buss holds program records in points, steals, free throws and assists, but it's the hours she has spent on the court after games that many will remember most.

“It’s kinda cool that we get to stay on the court after games and be able to sign autographs and take pictures with all the younger kids that’s one of my favorite parts to be able to do that,” Buss said, who will play the final game of her IU career on Saturday. “That’s one thing I am definitely going to miss.”

Buss embraced that role model status after long admiring her big brothers who influenced her childhood, and her Indiana basketball success.

“Those were the two people I looked up to the most,” the Mt. Carmel, Ill. Native recalled. “Even though I was a lot younger than them they still included me and the only rule was, I couldn’t go cry to mom and dad. When I get knocked down or even off the court when I’ve been going through that adversity just that toughness that they instilled in me really just comes back.”

Buss has not only secured her place in women’s program history but as one of the best players male or female to put on an IU uniform. Only Calbert Cheaney and Steve Alford have scored more points in an IU career.

“Just my work ethic has really shown and it means a lot to be able to be up there with all-time greats,” Buss said.

As her IU career comes to a close, Buss looks forward to continuing to make an impact on kids, whether while playing professionally or as she begins student teaching to complete her physical education degree.

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