Thieves steal van, belongings from homeless veteran

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Thieves stole and ransacked a van that a veteran was living in.

“I’ve been living out of it for about a year now, so it was my home, my place,” said Brett Harbour, the veteran burglary victim.

Over the weekend, Harbour was in Fountain Square housesitting for his friend. He says on Saturday night his van was parked on the street. On Sunday morning, Harbour’s 1999 Ford Econoline, E-150 was gone.

“I mean it kind of hurts. I am struggling, have been struggling for a few years now and this doesn’t help,” said Harbour.

Harbour found his van ditched a few blocks away but the damage was already done. The driver’s side window was busted and the thieves had tampered with the ignition switch. Harbour’s home on wheels still runs.

“Cleaning up all the busted glass and whatnot and it just really hit like I feel completely violated,” said Harbour.

Thousands of dollars in gear and electronics are gone. Thieves stole Harbour’s computer, rifle, and all his tools.

“I had a lot of tools from my family. My great-grandfather was a sculptor so I inherited some of his stuff. I got my uncle’s toolbox and that stuff was pretty special to me,” said Harbour.

Harbour depends on his tools to make a living. He’s a sculptor and he remodels homes. The 34-year-old is also a veteran.

“I served from 2001-2008 in the Indiana Army National Guard and also did a tour of duty in Iraq in 2006 and 2007,” said Harbour.

Harbour is relieved his 2-year-old rescue dog, Tars, wasn’t inside the van when the thieves drove off in it. This veteran continues to do what he’s been doing for years, he’ll stay strong.

“Times get rough and what can you do but laugh and just move on and that’s what I can handle it.”

There has already been a lot of community support for Harbour. Click here if you’re interested in helping him.

IMPD detectives are investigating this case.

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