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IMPD working to identify person of interest in woman’s murder

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Metro police are searching for a person of interest in the murder of an Indianapolis woman.

On Nov. 15, 2017, 21-year-old Kaylin Cole was found fatally shot outside an apartment complex in the 1300 block of South Senate Avenue. The shooting was reported around 8:15 a.m.

It’s been just over four months since the 21-year-old woman was shot to death and no arrests have been made, but police hope that changes soon.

In a wet rainy parking lot in mid-November 2017, witnesses overheard a man and woman fighting, followed by a gunshot.

“They were arguing then I heard a pop. I told my wife, ‘He done shot that girl.’” said one witness.

That witness, who asked not to be identified, says the shooter ran away from the scene while the woman crashed her black Mustang into a parked car. Neighbors then tried unsuccessfully to save her life.

“I tried CPR but she was bleeding really bad. I tried. I couldn’t do nothing,” said neighbor Brad Powell.

Kaylin Cole died on the scene. Several months later, neighbors like Brad are still shaken up by the death.

“It was kind of disturbing what I saw,” said Powell. “That girl didn’t deserve that. It was like seeing my daughter on the ground.”

Police initially said the shooting started as a domestic dispute. Investigators have now released a picture of a man police are calling a person of interest.

“It’s really important we get in touch with him. We think he has information that can crack this case,” said IMPD officer Jim Gillespie.

It’s not clear what role the person of interest played in the case and neighbors were not able to identify the man, but they encourage the public to help bring justice to Kaylin Cole’s family.

“This is where we need community help. We can’t always find who we’re looking for, but with the eyes of the community, they can track him down,” said Gillespie.

“If you know anything, help the girl, because that was uncalled for,” said Powell.

Anyone with information about the person of interest is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

Photo of the person of interest courtesy of IMPD.

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