Indianapolis Zoo announces arrival of newborn ring-tailed lemurs

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis Zoo is now a little fuller – and we mean little!

The zoo announced Thursday that its ring-tailed lemur Bree gave birth to twins on March 14.

The genders of the babies are not yet known, but the zoo says they are healthy and nursing well.

The zoo says other lemurs, including dad Finnegan, are adjusting well and have been welcoming to the new arrivals, even grooming Bree and her babies.

While twins are typically not that common with lemurs, the zoo says Bree also gave birth to twins last spring.

The baby lemurs aren’t on display quite yet. The zoo will wait until later this spring to show the public, when it’s warmer outside.

If you can’t get enough lemurs, check out this festive video that the zoo posted around Halloween.

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