Plants aren’t the only thing growing at Grounded Plant and Floral Co. in Holy Cross neighborhood

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- As we wait for the weather to start feeling less like winter and more like spring, people are looking to bring life into their homes. And what better way to do that than with a plant?

Grounded Plant and Floral Company might be a small shop, but it feels like a big-time oasis for everyone who visits the quaint shop at 1503 E. Michigan Street in the Holy Cross neighborhood.

“In the past few years, you’ve seen Smoking Goose, Flat 12 Bierwerks, Midland Arts and Antiques, Society of Salvage… You can’t deny how much this neighborhood has changed in the last few years,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

Grounded is a pioneer in bringing this strip to back to life. Since their opening last summer, Yelpers are already praising their knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices, and plenty of parking.

“With the growing trend of indoor plants, people are searching everywhere to find fun, unique plants that you can’t find elsewhere at typical stores,” said Smith.

Owner Amanda Griffith says they specialize in indoor plants and more tropical options that bring life to any space but can’t really handle the cold Indiana winters.

“But come summer, you definitely can put anything outside on the porch. I like to give my plants some extra light by putting them outside,” she noted.
Griffith is also very popular for her unique floral arrangements for wedding and other events.

“[They are] definitely very garden-inspired and each arrangement is a little different. They’re just going to kind of mimic what you are going to see outside…mimic a little garden,” she said.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift, you can never go wrong with a great plant, potted for you in-house by a professional inside one of their unique containers. If you don’t typically have a green thumb—don’t worry. Yelpers say an expert in-house means you will get all the tips you need to keep your plant thriving.

And speaking of thriving…

“We’re expanding into this corner unit. So, hopefully within the next month we’re going to be expanding. So the plant store itself will be about three times this size,” Griffith explained.

With all that new space, she plans on adding more fun displays, terrariums, and workshops—like next month’s macramé workshop.

“She will be teaching us how to make a plant hanger [out of] macramé and you’ll also get a pot and a plant with that. We’ll probably do some kind of little brunch and mimosas,” said Griffith.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. The space itself is something to rave about. The little shop is jam-packed with plants making it feel like you've been transplanted to an urban jungle. Bonus: there’s plenty of parking!
  2. When you arrive you may be greeted by the boxer who frequents the shop, you know, in case you need a canine companion as you do your shopping.
  3. This full-service plant shop opened just last year and has made quite an impression among Yelpers, thanks to fair pricing and a friendly, knowledgeable owner who is always available to answer questions and offer tips for caring for your plant.
  4. Grounded Plant + Floral Co. does it all. From delivery, to weddings, to in-store service, this studio is your one-stop shop for all your botanical needs.

Another great thing about working with a local business like Grounded is if you are looking for something in particular or even a plant they don’t have in stock, all you have to do is call ahead.

“They can do special orders, so like the fiddle leaf fig plants that are so popular right now. Your 6-foot trees that people are wanting. You can order those in advance and come in and pick them up,” Smith said.

For more info on Grounded Plant and Floral Company, check out their website or Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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