Montgomery County mother sentenced to 120 years in stabbing deaths of her children

Brandi Worley

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind.– An Indiana mother who pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing her two children in 2016 received her sentence Monday.

Brandi Worley was sentenced to 120 years for two counts of murder, 65 years for one count and 55 for the other. She has been in jail for 476 days, so that time will be subtracted from the total sentence.

Worley was charged in the deaths of Tyler Worley, 7, and Charlee Worley, 3, at their home in Darlington in the early morning hours of Nov. 17, 2016. Worley then stabbed herself in the neck, police said.

She spent more than a week in the hospital before being booked into the Montgomery County Jail. According to court documents, Worley’s husband planned to divorce her and she admitted she killed the children to keep him from taking them.

Tyler and Charlee Worley (photo provided by family)

Worley initially entered a plea of not guilty, and was previously expected to claim the insanity defense.The children’s father, Jason Worley, said he and Brandi were having trouble with their marriage. He filed for divorce the day before the killings. He was asleep in the basement when the children were killed.

Jason Worley was at the hearing when she entered her guilty plea.

“…She appeared to be just as unremorseful as she did in the 911 call,” he said. “She spoke in a very matter of fact manner when describing her crime. It was heart wrenching to hear her speak as she did.

“All I want and have ever wanted was to have her out of sight and mind so that I may move forward from this horror.”

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