‘Keeping it real ain’t snitching,’ says father of teen murder victim

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The family and friends of an east side teenager whose frozen and battered body was found in an abandoned apartment on Jan. 18th marked the two month anniversary of that discovery by releasing dozens of balloons above a parking lot Sunday.

“My son was lured into a car with two people,” said Cathy Mann. “These two people, for some reason, seem to think that it was okay to take my son and whatever transpired and to him being murdered is what happened.”

Mann said the body of her 19-year-old son TreVon showed signs of torture before it was discovered near 42nd St. and Post Rd. during an especially violent month on the northeast side.

Five young men were found murdered in IMPD’s Beat 70 during a sixteen-day period, leading Metro Police to step up patrols, traffic stops and investigations in an attempt to stem the killing.

“What I can say is there has not been another homicide in the area of 42nd and Post since January 21st” said IMPD East District Commander Roger Spurgeon, “and so we had put a lot of efforts into that area, high visibility patrols, not only with our own East District police officers who ordinarily patrol that area but also with some of our partners, the sheriffs department reserve section was pivotal in providing some of those high visibility patrols as well as the Indiana State Police as well as the Lawrence Police Department, so we did have high visibility patrols.”

Last Thursday, IMPD and the FBI wrapped a joint month-long drug investigation with the arrests of twelve people.

In January, officers were involved in the vehicle pursuit of three men that led to arrests and the seizure of a weapon in the 2500 block of Constellation Drive just south of the stepped up patrol area.

“We got to clean up the neighborhood,” said Mann. “We got to get rid of the people who are causing the problems and think it is okay to kill somebody for no reason or you don’t like them for this or for that.”

Mann said her son’s killing has links to social media stretching back to last summer including the week he was missing and after his body was found.

“Social media is ugly,” she said. “I wish they could just take it down and do something else with it. It plays so much of a part with our youth out here. They go to social media for any and every little thing, any argument that they have, instead of just trying to take it up with theirselves, the first thing they want to do is run to social media and you can do that.”

Mann said TreVon spoke out on social media in 2017 after the self-defense killing of his best friend, Michael Hawkins, 19, by a resident during an attempted home invasion robbery.

Hawkins’ father Larry Thomas joined Cathy Mann in the balloon release service and called for witnesses to step forward with clues to solving TreVon’s murder.

“Keeping it real ain’t snitching’” he said. “If it would happen to your family you would want answers just like we do.”

“We’re tired,” pleaded Mann, “and for those who know what happened not only to my son but also to Michael Hawkins, also to any of the other ones who have lost they lives, you gotta speak up. We can’t keep going through this.”

Mann reports IMPD homicide detectives continue to make progress in finding her son’s killer.

“It’s looking good. Have a few people in custody and a few more to go.

“Look over your shoulders,” warned Mann, “because we coming.”

If you have information about the killing of TreVon Mann, or any of the other unsolved murders in the vicinity of 42nd and Post Road this year, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

Your tip could be worth a $1000 reward.

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