Butler falls to Purdue in 2nd round of NCAA tournament

DETROIT Mich- The Bulldogs started the game strong, leading by as many as 9 points, but in the 2nd half Purdue just couldn’t miss and in the end Dakota Mathis delivered the dagger three pointer to give the Boilers a 5 point lead they would never relinquish.

“Everything was open and they were making them,” Paul Jorgensen said in the lockeroom following the loss. “It was their day. they got some favorable calls as well.”

With 1.8 seconds left, Kamar Baldwin launched a prayer that almost went in but hit the side of the rim and bounced off.

“I thought it was going in but as it got closer, I saw it circle the rim.”

Baldwin wasn’t the only one who thought his last second shot had a chance, his teammates thought it was through the net as well.

“Oh I thought it was going in,” Kelan Martin told Indy Sports Central in the lockeroom. “I thought it was going straight to overtime.”

After the game, in a classy act Butler senior Kelan Martin poked his head on to Purdue’s bus to congratulate the team on their win.

Purdue faces Texas Tech next week in the Sweet 16.

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