Butler practices in Detroit for round one of NCAA Tournament

DETROIT, Mich. – Thursday afternoon Butler wrapped up their first practice at Little Caesars arena before playing in their first round game against the Arkansas Razorbacks. The dawgs and Razorbacks had a similar season in terms of record, however Butler is the lower seed in the match up, but that doesn’t bother the dawgs, in fact they’re used to it.

“Every game we come out we try to have a chip on our shoulder,” senior Tyler Wideman said before practice. “It’s nothing new to us. We’ve always been looked at like that.”

“On paper we are the underdogs,” Paul Jorgensen admitted. “But on the court, the seeds go out the window.”

So, with that mentality in mind the Bulldogs prepared today at practice for the threat the Hogs pose, specifically their top two shooters and leading scorers, Jared Barford and Daryl Macon.

“Really good scorers, athletic strong players,” Jorgensen said. “I think we’re gonna match up with them well from a guard stand point.”

“Make them take tough two’s,” Kamar Baldwin said in the lockeroom of defending the duo. “Make everything they take contested.”

The Bulldogs also realize, they  can’t overlook the towering 6’11 presence of Razorbacks freshman big man, Daniel Gafford.

“He averaged 2 and a half blocks a game,” Kelan Martin said of the freshman. “So I think we just have to be smart about it and try to get him in foul trouble.”

Butler faces Arkansas Friday afternoon at 3:10.

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