Fishers police warn not leave valuables in plain sight after wallet is stolen at gas pump

FISHERS, Ind. – A woman’s wallet was stolen from her vehicle while filling up her gas tank in Fishers. And police say it only took a few seconds.

The theft occurred at the Kroger gas station located at 9735 E. 116th St. shortly before 11 a.m. on last Friday.

Surveillance video shows a purple four-dour passenger car pull up along the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle. The suspect then exits the car, open’s the victim’s passenger door, returns to his vehicle and drives away.

Police say the suspect is a male who was wearing a red jacket or sweatshirt at the time of the crime. Anyone with information regarding the incident or suspect is encouraged to call Detective Kirby Campbell at 317-595-3331.

Police are also offering tips to avoid falling victim as well:

  • Be alert! Visually check your surrounding before exiting your vehicle.
  • Always lock car doors and roll up windows. Leave driver’s door open for quick re-entry.
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight. Keeping valuables with you is recommended.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity by calling 911.

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