Muncie police look for man accused of approaching women in stores

MUNCIE, Ind. – Muncie police are asking for the public's help identifying a man after women reported someone approaching them in stores and touching them.

Police said in February, a woman shopping at Target reported that the man asked her for directions to Walmart, told her she had something her hair and offered to get it.

"She didn't really feel comfortable with that, she stepped back, but he stepped forward and put one hand on her shoulder and just started, reached up and put his hand in her hair and kind of flipped it around and then went to another side," Muncie Police Deputy Chief Mark Vollmar said. "So you know eventually pulled it out and said there was some fuzz in your hair."

Vollmar said surveillance video was reviewed and a man seen on it matched a description given. They want to talk to him. But police said they also discovered another incident on the video where a woman is seen stepping back. Police said they talked to her.

"Same story, the guy walked up to her and said can you tell me where Meijer is and she told him how to get there. He did the same thing, you got something in your hair," Vollmar said.

Police posted the surveillance photos of the man and a truck, believed to be silver or tan from the 2000s, on Facebook. Vollmar said another woman then came forward and told them about a similar incident from December, this one at a Walmart.

"Had it just been one incident I'd chalk it up to she had something in her hair, but when you have, now you're aware of three it's not just being nice," Vollmar said. "We all have our personal space and we should be secure with that."

The accounts are giving shoppers an eerie feeling.

"I'm definitely going to start watching my back more often here in public," shopper Sydney Oliver said.

"I already pay attention to my surroundings, because you know crazy people like that, but still like that's really crazy," shopper Sarah Dunlap said.

Police ask anyone who thinks something similar has happened to them or anyone who knows the person in the surveillance photos to call detectives at 765-747-4867.

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