Judge sentences Frankfort woman to 45 years in aunt’s 2016 murder

Linda Decker

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. – A Frankfort woman was sentenced to 45 years in the murder of her aunt.

Linda Decker, 69, learned her sentence Monday after a Clinton County judge accepted her plea agreement in the murder case. Prosecutors agreed to the minimum sentence of 45 years; the advisory sentence for murder is 55 years.

Betty Wann (Photo provided by family member)

In February, Decker pleaded guilty to the murder of 96-year-old Betty Wann, who was found dead in her living room in September 2016.

An autopsy showed Wann died from blunt force injuries to her head and face, with trauma on her chest and neck serving as contributing factors.

According to court documents, Wann had loaned Decker thousands of dollars and Decker was a beneficiary in her will.

Decker told her daughter that someone had broken into Wann’s home and killed her during a robbery. But further investigation found a blood trail from where Wann was killed to Decker’s adjacent duplex.

Decker also had scratches on her face and blood in a finger, along with several large bruises.

Decker is required to serve 75 percent of her sentence.