Wintry mix expected later Monday; spring-like weather arriving this week

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This morning is a repeat of yesterday morning with the 20s, but keep in mind the wind chills are in the teens so you’ll really want to bundle up!

In fact, grab a hooded coat because of the wintry mix that we’ll see later on Monday. We’ll have a few snowflakes and light rain. Not expecting any accumulating snow and all of the shoveling snow will stay toward Kentucky.

We’re really feeling the loss of the hour since our sun now won’t rise until 8:03 a.m. We’ll only briefly see the sun as the clouds dive back into our state. After lunch, we’ll have a little bit of a wintry mix with the snowflakes mainly staying north until they mix into the areas south toward 5 p.m.


The first half of this week will stay chilly. By Thursday, we’ll be flirting with the 50s and it’ll just get warmer from there. Enjoy!

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