Increased DUI patrols ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – All this month, agencies across the state are cracking down on drunk and impaired driving. And with the NCAA tournament and St. Patrick’s Day both happening this week, there will be even more patrols out on the roads.

Now, a local woman and authorities are urging everyone to think before they drink.

“I relive that over and over and over every day,” said Pam Kelshaw, whose 17-year-old daughter, Silina, was killed by drunk driver 16 years ago.

“The trauma never ends,” said Kelshaw, “the suffering stays…every day.”

The crash also left Kelshaw’s husband and son with permanent injuries. Ahead of this week’s festivities, Kelshaw wants to spare another family the kind of pain that never leaves.

“There’s too many chances to take, be smart,” said Kelshaw,”make plans ahead.”

That’s the message Indiana State Police are pushing, too.

“If you’re over the .08 and you are intoxicated and driving, you will go to jail,” said Trooper Nick Klingkammer.

During the month of March, federal grants pay for overtime during which drunk and impaired drivers are targeted. This week, even more officers will be on the roads along with DUI checkpoints.

“People think that it won’t happen to them,” said Kelshaw, “and it happens to everybody.”

Now an advocate against drunk driving, Kelshaw has volunteered at the checkpoints, and seen DUI drivers get hauled away to jail. Authorities say most people don’t realize how little it takes to end up over the limit.

“A couple drinks within an hour or so, will get people to that point,” said Klingkammer.

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