Local contractor targeted in robbery

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A local contractor has a warning after thieves broke into his truck and took off with nearly all of his tools. Matt Davis is a contractor and a carpenter. Saturday, he went out to his work truck only to find the window smashed out, and thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment gone.

“It was a pretty quick smash and grab,” said Davis, “I’ve never seen a window busted out so easily.”

He knows how quick it was because he can watch it, over and over again, on home surveillance.

“It’s devastating, really,” said Davis.

Surveillance footage appears to show three men involved, who pull up, get out and proceed to smash out a window and steal drills, nail guns, and other carpentry equipment.

“It was around three to four grand in tools,” said Davis, “and it’s not going to be easy to pay for.”

IMPD is investigating. Authorities have told us before that as Spring arrives, thieves have a tendency to target work trucks, which are often out and about more as the weather gets nicer.

For now, Davis is hoping his insurance covers at least some of the loss, but there’s something he’d like to see happen even more.

“I’m hoping they find the guys really,” said Davis, “not really just for the tools but just so it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Davis thinks the truck is either a dark red or burgundy color. If you’ve got any information, you’re asked to call IMPD.

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