Fortville woman devastated after almost $1,000 stolen during mother’s funeral

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Fortville woman is devastated after she said her car was broken into and a man took her purse during her mother’s funeral.

Kathy Windler woke up Friday prepared to say goodbye to her mother, but she never anticipated being on the phone with her bank’s fraud department during her mom’s funeral procession.

“This has been a nightmare,” Windler told us through tears.

A police report confirms the incident happened just after 12:05 p.m. Friday at Indiana Funeral Care, located near 82nd St. and Allisonville Rd.

She remembers just after noon on Friday, her step-brother asked her if she drove a black Toyota Camry. When she said yes, Windler heard back, “honey, I think your car has been broken into.”

Windler went outside and noticed her right front passenger side window was busted in and her purse was stolen.

“We are wondering if the man was casing vehicles because Deputy Pickett’s funeral was yesterday,” Windler said.

Video of the incident shows a man exit a black sedan that’s not old. He is seen wearing a red hat, red jacket with a black collar, and a florescent green shirt.

After walking from the vehicle to Winder’s in an attempt to possibly look inside her car, the video shows him get back into the vehicle to pull up next to her Camry.

That’s when it shows the thief using a large object to smash her window. Seconds later, he speeds off with her purse.

On the way to the cemetery to say goodbye to her mom for the final time, Windler was forced to take calls from her bank’s fraud department explaining what was going on.

They told her the thief stole $900 out of her account. After putting a hold on her debit card, Windler said she was refunded the money.

After wondering if it had to do with Deputy Pickett’s funeral, the family heard some more disturbing details.

“We heard that the man came inside the funeral home to make sure services were still going on,” Windler told us.

We called the funeral home Saturday and they said they are aware of the incident and showed family security footage after the incident. They have never had reports of vehicle break-ins before but are concerned for Windler.

“We hope they catch the suspect,” an employee said.

Watch footage below shared from one of the family members’s Facebook pages.  Windler says her step-brother’s vehicle was also broken into, but the man did not take anything.

If you saw something, you can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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