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Bodyblade being used at American Senior Communities to help prevent falls

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – If there’s one thing that can lead to a serious injury or even death for seniors, it’s falling down. Statistics show if you can prevent falls, those seniors will be more mobile and ultimately happier.

That’s why physical therapists at American Senior Communities are using the “Bodyblade.”

“You really can feel the different muscles that it’s working and it’s something that my patients have picked up and get on to it,” said Christa Doub, Assistant Manager of Therapy at ASC.

The Bodyblade is light, just a pound and a half, and it’s fairly inexpensive at about $50.

ASC Wellness Coordinator Dan McKinzie says it’s good at strengthening abdominal muscles.

“Do this movement here. I can feel my abdominals actually firing. I can feel my thighs, my hips, knees and ankles actually have to adjust as well. So think about fall prevention, what happens if I slip or trip on something, I can self-correct. So if you have a strong core, you can do that to prevent at fall,” said McKinzie.

You can use the blade in 30 different exercises. The key is the rapid contraction technology or RCT, which automatically contracts your muscles up to 270 times a minute. Along with strength, it helps with balance, coordination and flexibility.

Seniors can combine the Bodyblade with other devices at ASC’s new energy wellness gyms, which any senior can join.

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