Students and teachers offer support to Deputy Pickett’s wife

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – The outpouring of support for the family of Deputy Jacob Pickett continues. Now, even children are taking on projects to honor the deputy’s life.

Pickett was shot in the line of duty last week and did not survive his injuries. A funeral is planned for Friday.

The deputy’s wife is a teacher at White Lick Elementary in Brownsburg. Her fellow teachers, students and their parents are taking steps to show the community is behind the Pickett family.

“It’s a family in the school community, in the Brownsburg community,” said Vicki Murphy from the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. “When someone’s suffering, you want to do whatever you can to lift them up.”

Children across the district have been making hundreds of cards with heartfelt messages like “stay strong” and “thank you” for officers.

“These cards are going to be laminated and put on the dashboards of all the police and law enforcement officers who are part of the procession on Friday as kind of a show of support and just to let them know we’re thinking about them on a difficult day,” Murphy said.

Also to help on Friday, teachers and parents are preparing 500 bags of snacks for officers who will attend the funeral. They will also be distributing such bags to the 200 members of the honor guard. The volunteer sign-ups to assemble the bags are already full.

“There’re bags of snacks that are going to provide sustenance to the officers as they move along through the route to all the places they’re going to go,” Murphy said.

Additionally, retired Brownsburg teachers are volunteering to work Friday to allow current teachers to attend the funeral and be by Mrs. Pickett’s side.

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