House unanimously passes bill to allow CBD oil sales

File photo.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– One of several bills tackling the legalization of CBD oil in the Indiana statehouse passed the House and is headed to Governor Holcomb’s desk.

Senate Bill 52, “Low THC extract,” passed the House with a 93-0 vote on Tuesday afternoon.  The bill would allow the sale and use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in Indiana.

Under SB 52, all Hoosiers would be able to purchase CBD oil that contains .3 percent or less of THC, the component of the cannabis plant which causes intoxication. With the low amount of THC, CBD oil users would reportedly not experience a “high” feeling that conventional marijuana users may encounter.

CBD oil has been shown to help with various medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and severe pain.

The author of SB 52, State Sen. Michael Young (R-Indianapolis), says the bill builds upon a law passed last year, which legalized the use of CBD oil strictly to individuals diagnosed with epilepsy.

“So many people have benefitted from using CBD oil to treat a variety of problems like epilepsy, cancer and anxiety,” Young said. “Since we are limiting how much THC can be in the product, there is no risk for people to use this to get high. My hope with this bill is that more Hoosiers will be able to use this product to treat their ailments.”

The oil would be available for purchase over-the-counter from retailers across the state.

The bill now moves to Governor Holcomb’s desk.

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