Parkland teacher says arming teachers is “terrible idea”

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - A Parkland teacher who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School visited students at her alma mater in Indiana, Friday, and told future teachers she thinks arming teachers with guns is a terrible idea.

About 200 Indiana University students turned out to hear Katherine Posada speak about her experience. Last week, she was huddled inside a classroom reassuring her students they were safe.

"I did sort of make a conscious effort to keep it together for my students, because I knew that if I freaked out, they would freak out," she explained. "You can never be emotionally prepared for what that's like."

Now, she is helping to ease the fears of IU students who want to be teachers one day.

During the discussion, students asked how she felt about arming teachers with guns? Posada said it was a "terrible idea." She believes it could put teachers at risk if police see a weapon in the middle of a chaotic emergency. And she thinks it would change the dynamic of a student teacher relationship.

"If I'm armed and I have a weapon, my students no longer respect me. They respect my weapon. They fear my weapon... And that is not conducive to teaching."

Students listening agreed.

"If I have to carry a gun in the classroom, I'm done. Like, I can't," said Hannah Lukas.

Posada told the IU education majors they are needed, now more than ever, to go into the teaching field and be an advocate for students. She asked them to be a part of the change.

"If it's going to change, it needs to be the kids. It needs to be you."


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